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Society For The Advancement Of The Caribbean Diaspora (SACD)





To serve the communities of the Caribbean Diaspora




“Working together for a better future?/span>





To serve the communities of the Caribbean Diaspora.


The Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora (SACD) is a 501c3 non-profit tax exempt organization created in 2009. The organization encourages membership of people of Caribbean descent. Our members include a diverse array of individuals including entrepreneurs, artists, business people and professionals working in government, health care, the private sector and nonprofits.


The organization’s mission includes the goal of engaging the communities of the Caribbean Diaspora through the exploration of common interests and concerns, and utilizing collective resources to ensure the welfare and advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora. Activities of the organization include networking events, personal development workshops and cultural events, including Caribbean Diaspora art & craft shows and film screenings. The Organization has also helped to address the collective needs of the Caribbean Diaspora community and has created opportunities for presentations about the impact of the Census on Caribbean populations. Other activities include organized social service projects, such as contributions to local non-profits serving the homeless and Haitian recovery.


As a non-profit organization, SACD seeks partnerships with US Government Agencies and non-government organizations within the US whose purpose, is in keeping with SACD’s Vision and Mission. Some examples of such partnerships are as follows: US Census Bureau, USFirst.org, Caribbean Tourism Organization and Caribbean Consortium of Professionals.


OUR SLOGAN: Join SACD, the BRIDGE to a better future


TAG LINE: The Caribbean organization that unites everyone



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Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean Diaspora P.O. Box 24556, Brooklyn, NY 11202

Phone: 917-771-7935

Email: sacd@sac-diaspora.org

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The board of directors and the members of SACD would like to express their support and prayers for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and the recent hurricane Sandy.


We would like to encourage our supporters and friends to give their support to the victims of this catastrophic disaster in what ever they can. Motto: "Working together for a better Future…”


Hurricane Sandy disaster survivors can go to www.fema.gov/sandy for information about the response and recovery to the storm.

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